I've worked primarily in the entertainment industry which has provided me with both a wide range of clients and a vast, exciting array of projects. Along with highly versatile design skills, I have an ability to art direct, manage and prioritize multiple projects, supervise staff, handle tight deadlines and perform client service. I enjoy collaborating in team settings to achieve meaningful and successful results. The addition of exceptional production skills with strong attention to detail allows me to take projects from start to finish.



Graphic design is visual communication. Throughout every project's journey I continually keep this in mind as I thoughtfully research and brainstorm for creative solutions. Not only does the end product have to be visually eye-catching, it has to be smart in telling the client's story and achieving their objectives.



You have probably noticed a fine art link above. I am also a professional fine artist who paints impressionistic, emotionally driven landscapes. I share this because my two professions greatly influence each other in conceptual, technical and surprising ways. Painting truly makes me better as a designer and though it might imbue my graphic design work, it will never get in the way of the job or the project… I promise!

(In case you find yourself curious, click the FINE ART link above to view!)


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